The Terrace Restaurant is always ready to delight you with perfectly prepared International dishes, first-class attentive service, and pleasant environment.

The restaurant menu consists of traditional, new and delicious dishes: meat and vegetables, chicken and fish with spicy seasonings and chips, pizza, shawarma, pasta, burgers; and you must try our highly demanded Terrace Special Salad!

Our professional staffΒ  prepare every meal you order with the utmost care. The restaurant offers elaborate gourmet dishes inspired by culinary art innovations and prepared by our chefs.

You are kindly welcome the the Terrace Restaurant at House of Freeda both everyday and on your special occasions. It is an ideal venue for a business lunch or dinner, as well as for private occasions such as birthday parties, wedding parties, anniversary parties, and major public holidays.

Opening Hours:

11:00 am – Late (Weekdays)

11:00 am – Late (Saturdays)

2:00 pm – Late (Sundays)Β 

Terrace Shawarma